Alice was surprised

Alice smiled and reached out her hand…

but instead of the expected feel of a soft fabric, she sensed something rather solid and was surprised to have found a letter in her hand. This strange letter said the following:

„I have lost my darling daughter, for as such I loved her. During the last days of dear Bertha’s illness I was not able to write to you. Before then I had no idea of her danger. I have lost her, and now learn all, too late. She died in the peace of innocence, and in the glorious hope of a blessed futurity. The fiend who betrayed our infatuated hospitality has done it all.”

She saw no signature, no date and wondered who and when could have written it. Suddenly a little dark cloud landed on her left shoulder, Alice turned abruptly, trying to figure its shape and…

And she saw…

And she saw a ghost.

 “It oozed out, a grey cloudy shape about three feet long smelling faintly of woodsmoke, sat down on a chair and began to hum to itself. It looked like a bundle of bedclothes, except that it was not solid: you could see, quite clearly, the cushion on the chair beneath it.”

‘Why woodsmoke?’ crossed her mind, but she smiled and reached out her hand…

„Drop-dead gorgeous you are“

This last October evening Alice felt she wanted to change something. “My hair?” she thought and died it black. “Drop-dead gorgeous you are,” her mirror informed her.
“You are not really dying, are you?” asked Amanda.

“I have the doctor’s permission to live till Tuesday,” said Laura.
“But today is Saturday; this is serious!” gasped Amanda.
“I don’t know about being serious; it is certainly Saturday,’ said Laura.
“Death is always serious,” said Amanda.

The book slipped from her hands and Alice opened her eyes…

Call for Submissions: Gothic Time


The stairway was exactly where the scroll you found in the university’s library said it would be. Down you go, step by step. The damp walls reflect the fire of your torch as you are descending deeper into the confines of the earth. White, translucent salamanders scuttle off as you find a door at the bottom of the stairwell. With a racing heart you push it open. In the hall behind it there is a little blonde girl with books under her arm. Or rather her ghost, transparent, hovering over the stone floor. She mutters something and you draw nearer to make out the words:

„Why nICHt? Gothic Time – Winter 2016.

Send your gothic-themed prose, poetry, short drama and fragments to

Up to four A4 pages, not more. German, English and French are accepted. Visit our submission guidelines if you dare.

Now, submit your writings, otherwise off with your head…”

And the door behind you slams shut…



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