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This still doesn’t seem right.
The rebellious billows are still breaking at the shores.
The best solution is something exclusive, something extraordinary. Let us try something different.

whynICHt Resetting Time will be a limited edition.
Only 77 pieces of our seventh edition will be printed and sold. No reprints, no additions. Maybe that will close the rift.

However, we have never tried that before. Thus, Alice will need more support.

 Hereby, we announce our exclusive cooperation with the prestigious Literaturhaus Wien. Furthermore, Thomas Ballhausen – writer, lecturer and archivist at the Dokumentationsstelle für neuere österreichische Literatur/Literaturhaus Wien – will serve Alice as a Guest Editor and provide us with a number of findings from the archives of Literaturhaus Wien as well as contributions written by contemporary Austrian writers.

Once more, we thank you cordially for the cooperation, the support and the permission to do research.

That should fix it. You can fix it. Nonetheless, you decide how we’re Resetting Time.
Don’t forget to submit your writing – otherwise off with your head!



Oops. Something went wrong.

We can’t seem to find the Call For Papers you’re looking for.

What happened here?

It appears the rebellious times call for rebellious measures.
Perhaps the insurrectionary character of Rebel Times has caused a rift.


We need to fix this soon.

Why nICHt? Resetting Time – March 2018.
Send your prose, poetry, short drama and fragments to
Deadline: February, 17th, 2018
Submit your writings, otherwise off with your head!


Call for Papers: Rebel Time

Alice RT

The sweet taste of honey distracted Alice for a minute. She let it pass with her eyes closed. When she opened them again, she took notice of the tea party that had, seemingly, emerged out of thin air. To her left, the Red Queen raised her glass to her. Simultaneously, the dishes mimicked animals with forks for legs, napkins for wings, plates as torsos, cups for heads – or a similar variation of it.

Mockingly, the Red Queen bawled, “To your health, Queen Alice! Let this be your kingdom!” And amidst laughter from the other uncanny beings, she emptied her glass. Lost in the puzzling scene, Alice lacked any emotional response. Tardily, the confusion transformed into a furore. Her hands found their way to the golden tablecloth and tore it off, sending all the dishes flying to the floor. As the plates broke and the cutlery chimed, Alice announced,

„Rebels at Heart
Remain vociferous with Clubs
Are buried in diamonds
Or beaten with Spades!

The Rebel Time is upon us!”


Why nICHt? Rebel Time – Winter 2017/2018.
Send your prose, poetry, short drama and fragments to
Deadline: October 27th ’17
Submit your writings, otherwise off with your head!

Call for Submissions: Golden Time


Alice was strolling around the Gothic castle as she reached a beautiful massive door, which she pushed, but it seemed locked. “At least this can’t be the Bluebeard’s chamber, I see no keyhole’, thought Alice musingly fingering the dark golden surface. Suddenly her fingertips sparked and a heavy door leaf moved…

Alice stepped in and halted dazzled by the luminescence flowing from the walls of the colossal hall. Its panels were amber and golden…


Why nICHt? Golden Time – Summer 2017.
Send your prose, poetry, short drama and fragments to
Deadline: 27 April ’17
Submit your writings, otherwise off with your head!


Call for Submissions: Gothic Time


The stairway was exactly where the scroll you found in the university’s library said it would be. Down you go, step by step. The damp walls reflect the fire of your torch as you are descending deeper into the confines of the earth. White, translucent salamanders scuttle off as you find a door at the bottom of the stairwell. With a racing heart you push it open. In the hall behind it there is a little blonde girl with books under her arm. Or rather her ghost, transparent, hovering over the stone floor. She mutters something and you draw nearer to make out the words:

„Why nICHt? Gothic Time – Winter 2016.

Send your gothic-themed prose, poetry, short drama and fragments to

Up to four A4 pages, not more. German, English and French are accepted. Visit our submission guidelines if you dare.

Now, submit your writings, otherwise off with your head…”

And the door behind you slams shut…

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