A look back: 2016

During the first days of 2017, we are keen to look back on our second year of existence. A lot has happened since January 2016: we’ve brought two magazines to live, Alice changed her hairstyle twice and we had the pleasure of participating in the reading “ICLA on Stage” at the Conference of the International Comparative Literature Association. What a blast!

Change of hairstyle, change of pace
Our first highlight in 2016 was definitely creating Alice’s new look: green ivy decorated her beautiful head in the Fable Time summer issue released on the 7th of June 2016. It was an intense piece of work, and we were happy to present the poems of Thomas Ballhausen and the Scottish writer Alan Riach for the first time.
For the winter edition Gothic Time Alice chose to wear a lilac crown. If you are curious to know more about it, please visit the hashtag #AlicesAdventuresinGothicLiterature). Alice shed the withering ivy leaves to become the Queen of Gothic literature. It was the Cheshire Cat who persuaded us to let the Gothic edition appear out of thin air on the 13th of December.

“ICLA on Stage”
Also, we had the honour and pleasure to participate in the ICLA Conference, which took place at the University of Vienna. What a wonderful prelude to our future readings: we are glad to have had this possibility and would like to thank again the organization board and Stefan Kutzenberger in particular for letting us to be on stage!

icla(Credit: KDP Katharina Prazuch)

We wish you a happy new year, full of creativity, and of course in a company of “Why nICHt?”!
Keep the habit, follow the rabbit! Submit your writings for the forthcoming summer issue Golden Time and enjoy reading Gothic edition available in the stores listed on our homepage.

Your Why nICHt? Team


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